About Granby Sausages

Nearly a century ago there was a handful of traditional sausage makers in Dublin proudly making by hand, mouth-watering sausages that had a distinct taste you could only find in the city. Granby is the last of those original Dublin sausage makers. We are in our fourth generation and still making, fresh everyday, extraordinary sausages. We're still in Granby Place at the top of O'Connell Street as we have been since 1933. Still Original. Still delicious. This is the stuff of legends. 

Granby was started in 1933 by John Kavanagh in Dublin city centre, just 200 yards from O'Connell street. We occupy a 55,000 square foot premises with a factory shop on site.

Granby manufacture a range of pork and beef products which include fresh traditional sausage, speciality sausage, flavoured sausage, pre-cooked sausages, black and white puddings both raw and pre-cooked and beefburgers.

We operate from two separate factories in the same location, one for raw and the other for cooked production. Both facilities have the Bord Bia proved quality mark.